Texas Spirits

Texas Spirits is an honorary social, spirit, and service organization for students who identify as women at the University of Texas at Austin. The purpose of Texas Spirits is to promote spirit and serve the University and the Austin community in the best way possible. Our four pillars of spirit, love, service, and friendship represent the core values Texas Spirits strive to uphold.

What is a "Weenie"?

"Weenies" are what the Texas Spirits lovingly call their newest members. Since new membership only lasts one semester, it is filled with many traditions and activities to make it as fun as possible! It is so much fun that, in fact, most Spirits regard their "Weenie semester" as their favorite semester.

Life as a Texas Spirit Weenie

Weenies are important to Spirits because they help maintain our many traditions. As new members, Weenies have many memorable and worthwhile responsibilities to carry out:

  • Sunday Drag Paints

  • Friday morning Weenie meetings with the Spirit Haunts

  • Weenie Service Project

  • Weenie Initiation Dinner

Although Spirits is a significant time commitment, we always consider the importance of academics. We care about your success, first and foremost!

If you're interested in becoming a Texas Spirit Weenie, please check out the JOIN page.