Texas Spirits

Texas Spirits is an honorary social, spirit, and service organization for students who identify as women at the University of Texas at Austin. The purpose of Texas Spirits is to promote spirit and serve the University and the Austin community in the best way possible. Our four pillars of spirit, love, service, and friendship represent the core values Texas Spirits strive to uphold.

Ghoul Council 1986

Ghoul Council 1986

Once a Spirit, Always a Spirit

Greetings past Spirits and Spooks,

Please fill out this form below if you are a recent tap-out or if you have recently changed your information (last name, email, address, etc.). Emails will be sent to our alumnae every month or so to keep them current with Texas Spirits. In an effort to keep the bond of Spirits going strong, I am always open to ideas or comments. We love to hear from you ladies! 

Liang Zhao
Traditions Haunt 2019